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Wild Red Kites are fed at Gigrin Farm, Rhayader, every day of the year. The number of kites visiting the feeding station can exceed 600, depending on weather and time of year. Bad weather attracts greater numbers of birds. You can witness fantastic feats of aerial piracy as red kites compete with buzzards and ravens for choice pickings.

There are five large hides for viewing kite feeding, three being suitable for disabled access. The better photographic opportunities are found when fewer kites visit as they frequently float around the area in front of the hides before taking their morsel of choice.

Red Kites are neither particularly strong nor aggressive and are primarily opportunists and scavengers, profiting from sheep carrion. However, the bird is a predator in that it takes a wide variety of live prey, ranging from earthworms to small mammals, amphibians and birds.
Dogs are welcome if kept on a lead.

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