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Before Booking

Can I book a short break?

Yes, many of our cottages are available for short breaks. Short breaks can be booked online for some cottages at certain times of the year. Otherwise, you can use the enquiry button to ask about the availability of specific dates in a cottage you like.

How do I find a cottage to suit my needs?

Go to the Search page, where you can use as many of the search options as you need to find the cottages which meet your requirements. If you’d like any help, please just call.

Do you have any cottages with easier access?

Yes, please see our page for Disabled Access Holiday Cottages.

How do I find cottages that are next to each other?

Go to our Groups of Cottages page.

Do I have to pay extra if I bring my dog?

Many of our dog-friendly cottages welcome dogs free of charge. Any dog supplement will be mentioned in the cottage details.

Which beaches allow dogs?

Most beaches allow dogs from October to April. Some have restrictions in the summer months. See our guide to Dog friendly beaches for more details.

If the cottage page says ‘No pets’, can I be sure no pets have been there?

No. There may have been a pet allowed under special circumstances. If it is important to you that no pets have been in the cottage, please check with the owner or with us before you book.

How do I ask the cottage owner a question?

Click on the ‘Enquire’ button on the cottage details page, and your question will be sent to the cottage owner.

Are the prices shown per person or per cottage?

The prices are per cottage. Some owners vary the prices depending on the number in the party, offering a Couple’s Discount for example. Any such offers are shown in the cottage details.

How do I make a booking if I don’t have an email address?

Just call us on 01239 810033 and we’ll take your details over the phone. We’ll then print the Booking Information and post it to you.

What is the star grading?

Star gradings are awarded by Visit Wales (used to be the Welsh Tourist Board) following an inspection. They say ‘the stars reflect the facilities and overall quality of the experience’. Visit Wales say this is what the star ratings mean:
* Simple, practical, no frills
** Well presented and well run
*** Good level of quality and comfort
**** Excellent standard throughout
***** Exceptional with a degree of luxury

Why doesn’t the cottage have a star grading?

Visit Wales only inspect and grade accommodation at the owners request and they charge a fee each time. Some cottage owners choose not to have a grading because they don’t find it justifies the expense or because they don’t agree with the grading criteria.

Can we book a cottage for more than the number it sleeps?

Usually, no. Occupancy levels are limited by the number covered by the owner’s insurance and to exceed those levels would invalidate the insurance. A few owners have cover for higher numbers but choose to advertise for smaller parties. Please ask the owner or contact us before if booking to find out if a larger party can be accommodated.

Can we book even though none of us are 18 or over?

No. Sorry but a guest must be 18 or over in order to enter into the booking contract.

Do we need to bring our own bed linen and towels?

It depends on the cottage. Look at the cottage details page to find out if these are provided.

Are beach towels supplied?

No, please bring your own. Some of our owners will supply beach towels on request, but there will usually be an additional cost for this.

Does the cottage have a cot and highchair in it?

It depends on the cottage. See if it is mentioned on the cottage details page and if not, ask us and we’ll find out.

Is cot bedding provided?

No. Even if a cottage does have a cot, guests will need to supply the cot bedding and linen.

Does the cottage have central heating?

It depends on the cottage. See if it is mentioned on the cottage details page and if not, ask us and we’ll find out.

Do we have to pay any extra charges?

You will pay rental and any other charges the owner has listed on the details page. The booking Terms and Conditions set out the circumstances when you might have to pay more.

What are the check in and check out times at the cottage?

It depends on the cottage but the most common times are 10 am and 4 pm. The owner will send you details of the times after you have booked. If you need to know before booking, please ask the owner via Enquiring or contact us.

Do I have to pay extra if I bring my dog?

Plenty of our dog friendly cottages welcome dogs free of charge. Any pet supplement will be mentioned in the cottage details.

Why do you advise me to have holiday insurance?

Insurance cover can help you avoid losing money if you have to cancel your holiday or if the cottage owner has to cancel for reasons beyond their control. Depending on your circumstances, you may need insurance to help pay for medical treatment or for loss or damage to your belongings, for example.

Do you sell holiday insurance?

No. We strongly advise you to ensure you are covered by holiday insurance, but we don’t sell it.

After Booking

I booked online so why haven’t I had an email?

Your Booking Information email is sent out automatically when you complete the booking. If you don’t see it in your inbox, try looking in your Junk or Spam folder. If you entered the address incorrectly when you made the booking, the email won’t reach you. Contact us and we’ll send you another copy.
It is possible that someone else was completing the booking form for the same dates at the same time as you. If they finished just before you, they will have secured the booking and so you won’t get an email. Although this is possible, it rarely happens.

Why wasn’t I asked for my card details?

You pay via our secure payment system, and you will see a ‘ Manage your Booking’ button in your Booking Information email.

How do I pay for the holiday?

You pay via our secure payment system, and you will see a ‘ Manage your Booking’ button in your Booking Information email.

Did my payment arrive?

When you pay via our secure payments system, you will get an email confirming that the payment has been made; we will transfer the monies directly to the owner.

Can I change my holiday dates?

If the cottage is available, the owners may be willing to move your booking to a different date. There may be an additional cost. Please ask the owner.

Can I bring more people or pets than I originally booked for?

Only if you get the owner’s agreement before your arrival. Otherwise, the owner is entitled to make you leave the property before the end of your holiday without any refund.

How do I cancel my booking?

Phone the cottage owner and then confirm by email or in writing. Please send us a copy using the address on the Contact Us page.

Do I get any money back if I cancel?

Your non-refundable deposit is – not surprisingly – non-refundable. So you don’t get that back. According to the booking Terms and Conditions, the owner is entitled to keep all payments and to recover the balance if unpaid. If you sent a refundable damages deposit, that will be returned if you cancel before the start of the holiday.

How do I get directions to the cottage?

The owner will send you them. They are usually sent once the final payment has been received.

Can I have the cottage’s post code for my Sat Nav?

That is in your Booking Information email.

How do I get a key to the cottage?

The owner will give you details on how to get into the cottage. It’s different for each cottage and we don’t hold those details.

Can we arrive earlier than the check in time?

Usually, no. There is a lot of work to do to prepare the cottage for your arrival and the cleaner or owner may be busy right up until check in time. If you want to request an earlier check in, you’ll need to contact the owner well in advance and get their agreement.

Can we leave later than the check out time?

Usually, no. After you leave, the cleaner or owner may have only a few hours to prepare the cottage for the next guests. If you want to request a later check out time, you’ll need to contact the owner well in advance and get their agreement.

Can we have some friends to stay overnight while we’re at the cottage?

Only with the specific agreement of the owner. Otherwise you are breaking the contract and according to the booking Terms and Conditions, the owner is entitled to make you leave the property before the end of your holiday, without any refund.

What can I do if something doesn’t work at the cottage?

Please let the owner know right away. They’ll do all they can to have it put right as soon as possible.

How do I send feedback about the cottage?

– You can write in the cottage Visitor Book while you are there.
– You can email or write to the owner.
– You can complete the feedback form – look out for the email about this after the end of your holiday.

How do I make a complaint about a cottage?

If you are dissatisfied with an aspect of the cottage, please contact the owner while you are there to give them the opportunity to put things right so you can enjoy your stay.
If you need to complain after your stay, do so in writing to the owner within 7 days, in accordance with the booking Terms and Conditions.
The owner manages the cottage so they are the one who can handle your complaint. West Wales Holiday Cottages don’t manage any of the cottages so we’re not able to respond to any complaint about them. But we do expect the cottages to meet visitors’ reasonable expectations so if you think there’s something we should know about for our records, please email us at [email protected]

How do I give feedback about your website or service?

After you have placed your booking you will be emailed a link to fill in a Feefo review for our service. If you have further feedback following this, please use one of the means on the Contact Us page. We welcome all feedback because it helps us improve our service.

When do I get my damages deposit back?

Contact the owner to ask because it depends on their policy and on whether any part of it is being withheld. If the owner lives near the cottage, they should be able to inspect it before or soon after your departure but owners that live far away may not be able to visit the cottage immediately.

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