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Aberystwyth Cliff Railway
Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

Climb aboard the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway for breathtaking views over the seaside town of Aberystwyth and the surrounding West Wales landscape. Gaze down the steep slope to the sea as the carriages are hauled up to the summit of Constitution Hill.

Opened in 1896 and operated on a water balance system until electrification in 1921, The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway has a uniquely designed undulating track and tilted carriages, the work of George Croydon Marks. Powerful motor and high-tensile steel cables, supported by a sophisticated electronic safety system, haul the carriages to the summit at a stately 4 miles per hour.

In Victorian times, Constitution Hill was a popular visitor attraction similar to modern day theme parks and even today it attracts many visitors each year. A century later, we can retrace the steps of our ancestors who travelled this funicular to the hilltop recreation area of the Victorian ‘Luna Park’.

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