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The Cambrian Mountains – A walker’s guide will help you get ready to step into the heart of adventure as you lace up your walking boots and explore the wonders of the Cambrian Mountains, nestled between the counties of Ceredigion, Powys, and Carmarthenshire. Dive into various walking trails that wind through enchanting woods, cascade past waterfalls, and follow in the footsteps of medieval monks and adventurous 19th-century writers. To make your experience even more unforgettable, check out our collection of comfortable cottages, offering the perfect retreat after a day of exploration.

Glyndwr's Way above Llyn Clywedog
A walkers boots
Three female walkers on Glyndwr's Way below Foel Fadian, looking to Glaslyn

Scenic Trails

Take a look at some of the top trails within the Ceredigion section of the Cambrian Mountains.

A view of the B4574, near Cwmystwyth, Cambrian Mountains, Ceredigion, Mid Wales
Steps up to Devil's bridge

Devil’s Bridge Trails: Explore the waterfalls near Devil’s Bridge, including the famous Devil’s Bridge Falls. The area offers a mix of natural beauty and historical landmarks.

Hafod Estate Trails: Located near Devil’s Bridge, the Hafod Estate features a network of walking trails through picturesque woodlands. The Gentleman’s Walk and the Lady’s Walk are particularly popular, offering beautiful views and historic features.

Ystwyth Trail: This is a multi-use trail following the River Ystwyth and is suitable for both walking and cycling. It offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside in Aberystwyth.

Red Kite Trail: This is a popular trail around the lake at Bwlch Nant yr Arian, where you can often spot red kites, especially during the daily feeding sessions.

Elan Valley Reservoirs: Although primarily located in Powys, the Elan Valley is not far from Ceredigion and offers picturesque reservoirs with walking trails around the water. The landscapes are breathtaking, making it a must-visit area.


The Cambrian Mountains offer a diverse array of wildlife to observe, including:

A picture of a bird
Squirrel on a tree
  • Red Kites: These majestic birds of prey can often be spotted soaring high above the mountain ranges
  • Red Squirrels: Though rare, the Cambrian Mountains are home to populations of these charming and elusive creatures.
  • Otters: Keep an eye out along rivers and streams for signs of otters, which thrive in the mountain’s pristine waters
  • Wild Ponies: Several areas of the Cambrian Mountains are home to semi-feral pony herds, adding to the region’s natural charm
  • Golden Plovers: These striking birds can be spotted in the upland moorlands, particularly during breeding season
  • Red Deer: While more commonly associated with Scotland, red deer can also be found roaming the hills and valleys of the Cambrian Mountains.


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