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Tenby Museum is the oldest independent museum in Wales, serving the community since 1878, when the National School (built in the 1830s) became vacant, allowing the museum trustees to acquire the building for the collections.

It has naturally seen some changes since its instigation, with numerous facilities and services to offer, including family history research, educational programmes, events, talks and workshops. The notion of a collection representing the locality still applies.

There are also two art galleries, one house the permanent exhibition of works by artists with a local connection, including Augustus and Gwen John, Nina Hamnett, David Jones, John Piper, Arthur Giardelli, John Knapp-Fisher and EJ Head. The other has many changing exhibitions throughout the year, including sales exhibitions.

The museum has access for disabled visitors, including two lifts. There is a hearing loop available at the reception desk and large print texts in two of the galleries.

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