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Milford Haven – A captivating journey from industrial roots to a must-visit attraction. Discover Milford Waterfront, with Milford Marina at its heart, offering a vibrant destination with charming cafes, restaurants, local shops, galleries, and fashion boutiques. Indulge in delightful handmade chocolates and freshly caught local fish to savour at home or in one of the waterfront restaurants.

Experience a range of activities, including bowling, explore the fascinating Milford Haven Museum to learn about our heritage, and embark on scenic walks suitable for all abilities with our heritage walking trails.

Milford Waterfront hosts a dynamic calendar of events and activities throughout the year, drawing visitors from near and far. From awe-inspiring fireworks displays organized by Milford Haven Round Table to food festivals and family-friendly events during school holidays, there is always something to surprise and delight our esteemed guests.

Visit Milford Haven and uncover the allure of its transformation, immersing yourself in its rich history and vibrant present.

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