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Welsh is a beautiful language, and the Welsh people are proud to speak it. If you’re visiting Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion or Carmarthenshire, take the time to learn some Welsh for your next visit, it’s always greatly appreciated!


First off, what do we call ourselves? You’ll see Croeso y Cymru on the road signs as you cross the border and it means Welcome to Wales. Cymru is pronounced ‘kumm-ree’. We speak Welsh – Cymraeg – ‘kumm-rye-g’.

We’re generally friendly folk and you’ll often hear a chirpy ‘Bore da’ as you walk down the street – it means Good Morning and is pronounced ‘boreh-dah’. You can also try ‘shwmae’ (shuh-my) for hello.

There’s also prynhawn da – Good afternoon (prin-how’n-dah) and nos da – Good night (nohs-dah)

Ps & Qs

We all like to thank our shopkeepers and bus drivers. Aside from ‘Cheers Drive!’ the proper Welsh would be Diolch (dee-olch) for thanks; or diolch yn fawr (dee-olch-un-vow-er) for thank you very much.

Please can be a bit trickier. The Welsh os gwelwch yn dda (oss-gwell-ock-un-thar) translates more literally as ‘if you see well’ or, if you see fit’ but is used for please. Croeso (croy-so) is welcome; hwyl fawr (hoil vow-er) is goodbye, yes is ydw (uh-doo) and no is a simple na (nah).

Place names

Placenames in Welsh are often very logical – once you know that Aber means river mouth/estuary, for instance, you can work out that Abertawe (Swansea) literally means ‘Mouth of the River Tawe).

As you travel through Wales, use this list to work out the meanings behind some of our place names:

Llan – Place                                      Capel – chapel                            Traeth – beach

Castell – castle                                 Croes – cross                               Afon – River

Dinas – hill-fortress                      Aber – river mouth                     Fferm – farm

Cwm – Valley                                  Eglwys – Church                          Fforest – forest

Road Signs

Arafwch – Slow down
Araf – Slow
Ffordd Ar Gau – Road Closed
Unffordd – One Way


1 – Un een
2 – Dau die
3 – Tri tree
4 – Pedwar ped-war (to rhyme with car)
5 – Pump pimp
6 – Chwech queck
7 – Saith sithe
8 – Wyth oi-th
9 – Naw now
10 – Deg deg


Red: Coch (cork)
Orange: Oren (oren)
Yellow: Melyn (mellin)
Green: Gwyrdd (gw-air-th)
Blue: Glas (glass, to rhyme with gas)
Purple: Porffor (por-four)
White: Gwyn (gwin)
Black: Du (dee)

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