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How to say ‘I love you’ on St Valentine’s Day in Welsh is ‘dwi’n dy garu di’. If that seems a bit tricky, why not gift a unique and romantic Welsh Love Spoon instead? The hand-carved Celtic Love Spoon has a heart to symbolise love and Celtic knot work representing two lives intertwined.

This 17th-century tradition is believed to have originated in Wales and may have evolved from decorating wooden utensils with various symbols. It is thought that sailors used to make love spoons as a way of filling their time aboard a ship, whittling away to make a spoon for their sweetheart. Many of the young carvers were shy and unwilling to show their emotions and this was how they could convey their true feelings. It is also thought that Welsh girls would collect love spoons, and as such, leave a trail of broken hearts behind them before settling down.

A twist in a love spoon means binding and growing together. A heart symbolises the giving of one’s true love. A chain is a wish to be together forever. A lock symbolises security, Celtic knotwork represents eternal love and a dragon offers protection.

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