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West Wales is perfect for a doggy day out! Dogs love beaches and what does Wales have endless amounts of? You got it – beaches. With the wind in their fur and sand between their paws, these dogs are living their best lives in Wales. So let’s explore together some of our dog’s favourite beaches in West Wales and hopefully soon to be your dog’s favourite too!

Manorbier Beach

Manorbier Beach is one we love to take our dogs to regularly. There is so much to do here, not only for your dog but for you too! With the encaved rocks and greenery surrounding the beach, there are endless areas where our dogs love to investigate. One of their favourite spots to sniff out is the ice cream van that often sits in the beach car park. Our ritual when coming to Manorbier Beach is to get an ice lolly and some water for both of us. It really is the best beach experience.

South Beach

Apart from South beach being absolutely stunning with the views of Tenby Town and St Catherine’s island, it is a 2-mile-long playground for our dogs to love and enjoy. One of our dogs Harry, his favourite thing about Tenby South Beach is the sea and the sand dunes. Whilst the dunes can create a messy pup, seeing how much fun he is having overcomes the annoyance of having to wash him off later on…sometimes.

Aberporth Dyffryn Beach

Aberporth Dyffryn Beach is dog friendly all year round and one of our favourites. After a day in our Aberporth office, there is nothing better than taking the dogs for a long walk and playing catch along the beach. At low tide, you and your dogs can explore the variety of rock pools and look for marine life. Most of the local cafes and pubs are dog friendly, and even a doggie ice cream on offer.

Cefn Sidan

Cefn Sidan Beach has a dog-free zone between the months of May and September stretching a mile long, there are designated dog-friendly areas during these months that go 7 miles long so that your furry friend doesn’t have to miss out on the fun! It is backed by dunes of windblown sand, the Pembrey Forest and you can even see remains of SS Paul when the tide is out. It is definitely a beach your dog will love to run around on. I know ours do, just look how happy he is here!

So, if any of the beaches take your fancy, head down to West Wales. We’ve even got more beaches to offer for a doggy day out. We hope you enjoy your visit to West Wales and that you enjoy all of our dog-friendly beaches too!

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