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Do you fancy a spring walk with your dog on a late April afternoon, along quiet lanes and bridleways of Ceredigion? Walk without meeting a single car and discover beautiful wildflowers and birds along the way. There is nothing more refreshing than a spring walk in West Wales.

Like many other parts of Ceredigion, the Rhydlewis area is networked with narrow country lanes edged by high hedgebanks, ancient bridleways and public footpaths through fields and woodland. The scarcity of traffic on the lanes means you can walk for miles even if the fields and woods are muddy.

Countryside walks are fascinating in early spring: there is so much to see – and hear. Your walk can be accompanied by birdsong and punctuated by the double squawk of cock pheasants, followed immediately by the sound of their wings flapping. You can see Red Kites preening their feathers in a tree, or watch a flighty pair of Jays swooping off ahead of you.

The river margins are filled with glossy yellow marsh marigolds, and beneath the trees on the banks, the ground is dotted with the white stars of wood anemones. After walking amidst celandines on a footpath through a small wood, you pass fields full of rushes and lady’s smock. And with May almost upon us, the hedgerows will soon be coming into their full glory. You and your furry friend will thoroughly enjoy this peaceful afternoon walk.

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